From the recording YESHUA (ACOUSTIC) [SINGLE]


Maybe what we see and everything we breathe
ain't the be all and end all
And maybe what we do don't do much without a clue
Our cluelessness won't clue us into
faith we're swimming in a world of lies we believe
We're drowning in the shallow end
of deepness that goes deeper than the depth of our entire mind goes...

Lord of all life, Yeshua
The Heavens reply, Yeshua
Hallow be thy name, Yeshua
Creator Defined, Yeshua

Embraced, engulfed
Immersed in every doubt
It takes a lot of guts to spill them out before your maker
Bright side, we wanna be genuine
But remain dim in fraudulence
Stretching science, wrecking everything he designed
Even conquering time is no match for grace
That comes when undeserved...
(Lyrics/Music by S. Swanson/Escape Babylon Music BMI)