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Acoustic Single Version of "Acceptance Vs Repentance" by SIIS as a b-side during the very first Recording Sessions for 'Escape Babylon'.

SIIS: Sam Swanson: Vocals, Guitars, Keys

Produced By: SIIS / Mixed By: James Wright


Under your wings
Refuge is found, as you watch
Over the fields
Not baring fruit, enough to
Sew what we reap
Rinse and repeat the process
Talk is so cheap
Oh God so help me

As long as the wages of sin carry death
Your grace and your mercy will wipe out the debt
Unfitting, unworthy, with will to accept
Is only half of the battle if we never repent

Under your lead
Peace comforts as you shepherd
Over the seas
Not tredding fast enough to
Swim while we sleep
Sinking and rehash the cycle
Breathe in for keeps
Oh God so help me
(Lyrics/Music by S. Swanson/Escape Babylon Music BMI)