From the recording ATONEMENT (ACOUSTIC)

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This is an exclusive Acoustic version of the b-side "Atonement" recorded during the very first SIIS studio sessions. Recorded by: SLAVE TWO SERVANT Mixed by: JAMES WRIGHT


As darkness creeps inside
We wander from the Light.
Walking backwards don’t come so easily.
And the narrow path seems wide
When you’re on the other side.
Oh, you’re on the fence?
You better get off! Satan owns that too.

I'll find out
The hope that lies in Christ alone.
But time runs out
So don’t you wait tomorrow for what’s here today…

As the madness won’t subside
We sin just to survive.
Locks and passwords don’t draw security.
Then black and white seems gray
When you’re fifty shades away.
Oh, you’re in control?
You’re gonna find out soon that just ain’t true.

And if your life seems meaningless
You’re probably lost as a golf ball in a wheat field
If you can’t sleep at night
You might have separation anxiety
Purely spiritual
Merely Miracle
Desperately in need of Atonement
(Lyrics/Music by S. Swanson/Escape Babylon Music BMI)