From the recording POWER (ACOUSTIC) [SINGLE]

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This is an exclusive Acoustic version of the song "Power" recorded during the very first SIIS studio sessions. Recorded By: SLAVEIISERVANT / Mixed By: JAMES WRIGHT


Be careful what you say
You just might just get what you wish for today
It’s true…
What you want ain’t synonymous with your needs…
Just say you understand
We’ll ink up your feet and stand you under contract.
In fact your fictional existence doesn’t exist in essence nonetheless it’s extensively binding. Greed Breeds.

Bleed, come on and Bleed!
We’re twisting the knife so slow
That you won’t believe
Our power is real.
But you can’t feel
So desensitized by lies
You’re stuck in between
Our power is real.

Be careful if you’re wise
This might just come as a shocking surprise
Who knew all we’d have to do is haggle with the truth?
Oh and here’s a free suit.
Just say you’ll compromise
We’ll swear you in by oath and watch you fight for your life. Decide.
Time has come for you to make your decision
so don’t fight the incision
Take the mark and share our vision.
See Blindly. Free Indeed.
(Lyrics/Music by S. Swanson/Escape Babylon Music BMI)