1. RED

From the recording RED [SINGLE]

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Spoken Word/Raps, Keys, Midi, Programming, Beats, Production, Engineering by: Samuel Peter Swanson
Mixed by: James Wright


The Red Pill, it’s a hard pill to swallow
Wash it down with some Red Red Wine, that’s a hard act to follow
We toast to Red Ghosts
Red Skins vs Red Coats
We can’t meet Red demands?
What’s that on our Red Hands?
Red Rum It’s all backward and drunk at the same time
Left is Right, Right is Wrong, Wrong is Red as a Fine Red Line
Blood shot eyes, Blood Red
Flat Screens gotcha Seeing Red
Just like a Movie the world is a stage
Reality TV with that Red Letter Daze
What’s black and white and Red all over and uh..?
A well-oiled printing press producing paper propaganda
Red Alert in Red Ink Ready with the Red Scare
Red Meat Dead Meat Radiating Red Glare
Red Planet or Red Dawn?
Already Got you forgetting which side you on.
Red State of mind gotcha chewing on the red vines
First class section window seat on the Red Eye
Overseas All I see is a Red Sea of Commerce
Selling Stocks and Trading Bonds, money changers still making us converts
Signed sealed delivered from the Red Light District of Columbine
Footprints stamped on a contract, manifested and certified
Voluntary Servitude 14th Amendment Slave yo!
Ancient System of pledging Pharaoh Pharaoh let my peeps go!

And while The Red Queen scratches her head…
Who’s been painting her Roses Red?
What I heard in the song? Is it? Is It? Is It True?
Do the Angels wanna wear my, wear my, where my Red Shoes?
Ruby Red Slippers like a Rubric
Klandestine with "k" like in Kubric
Red Baron with a Red Beret
Military Industrial Complex here to save the day
Double speak War is Peace / Peace is War what’s the Score?
What the fuck we fighting for?
In the Red going in new debt to pay off old debt
The debt can never be paid yet we pay with each death
Funding both sides of every Red conflict
Borrower is slave to the lender, like a convict
Red White and Blue? or is it just another Red Flag?
Ignore the warning signs and we might end up in a Body Bag.
Blood on our hands heads in the sand
Flashing Red Lights And
Caught Red handed rolling out the Red Carpet
Lady in Red showing signs like a target
Ready or not there’s a little something extra
A little more to carry not for long I’ll betcha
Putting on the Red Light with a slight twist
on that catwalk Roxanne she’s so Stylish
Cruising through the double doors heading toward the Red Cross
Asking “Can we please put this movie back in the Red Box?”
Red in the face she says: “It’s better this way”
“Merely a Fetus with no paperwork to enslave”
“Code Red it’s a standard operation”
“I’m part of the solution to this Overpopulation”
And as she signs on the dotted line and fills in the date
She shouts: “Ay yo Doc! Cut The Red Tape!”
(Lyrics/Music by S. Swanson / Escape Babylon Music / BMI)