From the recording WE HAD A DREAM [SINGLE]

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This is an exclusive song that will be appearing on the forthcoming mixtape "The Red Tape" by SIIS. Vocals, Programming, Keys, Midi, Engineering: Samuel Peter Swanson
Mixed by: Matt McGinley
Artwork by: @double_planet


Just how long does it take, for the vast majority to make a mistake?
Rewind, Playback the tape, erased our history, Sin Symphony, Sin City State.
Oh what a wonderful State we’re all living in…
Fifty States of fear controlled by the lack of faith within
Pour a sip and raise your glass and toast to our demise
Put your faith inside the box and make believe in lies
Apart at the seems or so it seems we had a dream…
Some came here on boats and slave ships
Shackled from head to toe
By they own family they was sold
Told to work the field of dreams or go for the gold
Never talk about it
Silence is a weapon that we reppin’, never doubt it
Hard to be heard when you’re drowning in a sea
No hearing if a law pronounced ya dead at the scene
Brass caps, High water marks
Underwater playing games with the land sharks
Life Aquatic
Swim Slave! Robotic
Sincere Hypnotic
Eyes on the prize
Everybody tryna cut themself a full size
Last slice of the pies
How bout a slice of that 3/5 compromise?
Oh, Original sin, Original Gangstas
Oh Gee Father please don’t forsake us
Or mistake us for some other mother fuckers
Tryna fully enslave us
Hold up wait a second
How did we get here from people to peasants?
And when do we get to the part where we’ve all overthrown this oppression?
Some born here under duress
Signed away our birth rite took a slave name instead
Slave masters they sold us a dream
Like the Pharaoh’s self-perpetuated pyramid scheme
Never have we ever known
What it means to be truly free…
We the people nah we the persons
We the sheeple now owned by the merchants
We the real American nightmare
Sir yes Sir American Terror
Pledged allegiance to the bank
One Nation under fraud now walk the plank
Captain’s orders chain of command
Pirated our energy to meet their demands
War crimes on the rise
Motherfuckers act like they ain’t compromised
Politician on a mission
Like System of a Down:
“They’re Tryin’ to build a prison”
Hold up one last thing before I go
Can’t stop won’t stop I’ll never lay low
Can ya handle the truth?
Oh can ya give me some proof?
Or just a little nod to show me you’re no longer aloof?
Beta in an Alpha State
Digital Chess, Check Mate
Game is rigged just like Monopoly
Governed by a Corporate Oligopoly
Hands are tied mouths taped shut
Financially and Morally Bankrupt
Beast System Two-Party Class
Elephant’s or a Donkey’s Ass?
Who gots the last laugh? Ain’t us!
This a prison better watch yo Anus!
Blame every billionaire on the scene?
Why they ain’t no trillionaire magazine?
They say that the dream is free
But that the hustle’s sold separately
I say the hustle entails a fee
But that the dream is still quite costly.
Apart at the seems or so it seems we had a dream…
(Music/Lyrics by S. Swanson / Escape Babylon Music BMI)