From the recording MUTTON [SINGLE]

Vocals, Guitar: Samuel Peter Swanson
Drums, Percussion: Jesse Sprinkle
Bass: James Wright
Recorded by: Jesse Sprinkle and Samuel Peter Swanson
Produced by: Samuel Peter Swanson
Mixed by: James Paul Wisner
Mastered by: Howie Weinberg Mastering


Upside down and inside out
Like the body of a lamb once slain
Torn apart to twist and shout
Tried and tenderized and right as rain
Weeks turned into centuries
And here we sit so skeptically
Historical revisions with 2020 vision
We once were blind but now we still can’t see

I read they sunk their teeth straight in with no remorse
I heard they struck a nerve without a thought of course

Head Underwater
Lamb to the Slaughter
Clay to the Potter
You’re my Father!
Thought I was a Goner
Until you freed a Robber
Now I give you Honor
Coz You’re my Father!

Upside down and inside out
Like a world without a damned restrain
Split apart to soon sell out
Sold and televised in cellophane
Strings attached so savory
A system based in entropy
Societal Divisions with 2020 vision
We once were kind but now we’re kind of cheap
(Music & Lyrics by S. Swanson / Escape Babylon Music/BMI)